Therapy with me

Therapy with me

The qualifications bit

I am a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor who is a registered and fully accredited member of the BACP. This means that I abide by the ethical standards and code of practice of this peak professional body.

Having gained an honours degree in Psychology, my post graduate training as a therapist was based on an Integrative model of practice. This means that I am not tied to one model of analysis and my work is informed by a tapestry of different schools of thought.
This allows a flexible yet tailored approach that gets to the heart of the problem in a way that is meaningful to my clients and supports them in their everyday lives.
As well as engaging in regular continued professional development, I have completed additional specialist training as a qualified relationship therapist and have a particular passion for supporting couples to better understand their significant intimate relationships.

However, I also serve individual clients and my expertise in relational dynamics can help those who wish to explore the way they come into relationship with themselves and others in their world. This could include patterns that repeat themselves in intimate relationships or in wider networks of family and friends. It could also help understand the dynamics at play in the workplace.

I am also a fully trained and qualified supervisor supporting therapists and other care professionals to navigate and develop their working practice in the best service of their clients.

Prior to establishing my private practice Zoetix in 2012, I worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team in a private psychiatric hospital, supported delivery of EAP for organisations across a range of industries, worked in counselling agencies and GP services.

I have practiced in the UK and Australia, and as a person of mixed ethnicity, this international experience has enriched my work and brought me into connection with a wide variety of clients and a broad range of issues. It has honed a keen sense of the impact of change and the process of managing change, difference, and life transitions.

How I work

My natural inclination is to work reflectively, existentially, phenomenologically and soulfully.

I offer up my training and experience in service of you as my client. I know how to guide you through a process and how to expand the questions you are asking to get to the heart of an issue. I create a safe enough space to explore challenging material and how to have difficult conversations.

I see my role of therapist as a navigator rather than the guru who has the answers you don’t. It doesn’t mean I don’t challenge you or make observations that others may have missed. However, I am not an expert on you. You are the expert on you, either as an individual or as a couple. My focus is not only on understanding the issues you bring but what they mean to you as a client and why have they crystallised at this point in time.

I work in relationship. This means I see myself as one human being in connection with you as another. I am committed to being as honest and authentic as possible. I aim to be present and engaged, tracking the content and the process of the narrative you bring.

I have a deep passion and compassion for the work. Having experienced therapy as part of my training and continued professional development since qualifying, I understand the process from both sides.

I recognise how privileged I am to work so intimately and soulfully with clients.

What we can work on together

You may have a sense that you are struggling in general and cannot put your finger on the problem or you have identified specific issues at play such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and loss
  • Self esteem
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Relationship issues
  • Workplace relationships
  • Life event

How we navigate relationships, be it our perception of self or how we connect, or not, with others is core to whether we thrive. Anxiety, depression, grief and loss, poor self-esteem, trauma both past and present, shape our sense of belonging and potency in the world. Such conditions interrupt connection and leaves us feeling on the periphery of life. I work with clients to better understand their experiences and to find a healthier way to navigate them. I support clients facing workplace difficulties, challenging friendships, family issues, or wanting to explore the landscape of their chosen intimate relationships. Our personal longings and struggles with intimate partners can elicit powerful and complex feelings. I have extensive experience with clients working either individually in therapy or together as a couple to address their relational dynamics.

I welcome your enquiry should you wish to know more about how we might work together. I am happy to have an initial brief conversation about your concerns and we can then explore a way forward that best serves your particular needs.

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