“Reflection-on-action Refection-in-action Reflection-for-action”
Michael Carroll

I have worked as an accredited therapist and as a supervisor both in the UK and Australia. Now having relocated permanently back to the UK, this international experience continues to broaden and enrich what I offer in the supervisory space.

My supervisory training, based in Sydney at the Centre for Existential Practice, is anchored in and informed by systemic perspectives with reflective practice at its core. Michael Carroll’s Integrative model and Hawkins and Shohet’s Seven-Eyed Models have a particular resonance in the way I work.

I work with individuals and small groups face-to-face and sometimes online. Whilst I work mainly with counsellors and therapists, I would be delighted to engage with others who work in the caring professions. If you are interested in finding out more about the supervision I offer, then please call, or email me.

Supervision with me

I am passionate about supervision as a supportive and transformative space. It has the powerful ability to enrich and enlighten practice through its unique combination of keeping a finger on the pulse of practice whilst being creatively curious in service of the client.

I aim to support supervisees to cultivate:

  • Reflection and reflexivity.
  • Authentic presence in sessions.
  • Faith in the way they work.
  • Skills that they trust.
  • Deep wisdom for the choreography of the therapeutic dance.
  • A practice based on integrity.
  • The ability to work within the scope of their practice.

Therapeutic work is complex, and navigation of the terrain can be intricate. As supervisor, I actively draw on my experience and training but do not occupy the role of Magical Other; a mysterious being who has all the answers. I prefer to offer a contained rather than constrained clearing amongst what can feel cluttered, safeguarding a creative space where questions can unfold and the unknowns and unexpected have room to emerge from the shadows into the light.

“The exquisite paradox of supervision that never ceases to engage me is the dance of opposites: the truth is usually the opposite of what I believe. The so call ‘bad’ experience leads to the light, the light to the darkness; the detail leads to the bigger picture; the bigger picture is illuminated by the specific; the breakdown becomes the breakthrough and everything, but everything is relevant and grist to the mill” Joan Wilmot

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